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12:00 pm - 1:15 pm

Lunch Served in Exhibit Hall, Networking &

Twickenham Stadium Tours

Join us in the exhibit hall for a specially prepared buffet luncheon, network with industry leaders and leading technology innovators.

Twickenham Stadium tours will be offered during lunch to see a behind the scenes glimpse of the beautiful venue and the technology implemtations that have gained global recognition..

1:15 pm -2:00 pm Breakout Sessions, Case Studies, Panels & Workshops

Collaborative Discussion: "Keeping up with digital expectations of the consumer"

• Kim Lillie, Innovation & Enterprise Officer at Leicester-Shire & Rutland Sport

• Nick Evans , Associate & Sector Specialist at The Open Data Institute

• Richard Norris,Innovation Project Manager at The Open Data Institute

Consumer's digital expectations are now higher than ever: we can book a holiday including flights and accommodation, order a restaurant's food to the door, or request a taxi to our current location - all with a couple of clicks, from anywhere in the world. This interactive session will explore the work of OpenActive, an ambitious, community-led initiative for change across the sport and physical activity sector, which promotes the use of physical activity open data to help people get active and involved in events.

The goal is to make data on what, where and when physical activity sessions happen, openly available and instantly bookable. Locating and promoting football clubs, tennis courts, sport club outreach events, rugby sessions, and fixture dates, as well as booking dance classes and getting into rowing will be easier than ever! In this session you will learn how to take advantage of this, and where best to get involved.

Executive Leaders & Technology Case Study and Discussion

"The Digital Stadium" From the Rights-Holder's Perspective

Case Study Presenter: Hywel Sloman, IT Director at Arsenal Football Club

During this session, Hywel Sloman will share how Arsenal FC has defined their view of a digital stadium and how this has changed their business and the impacts on the fan experience.

The room will openly discuss and share perspectives of the meaning of digital stadiums, the explanation of the term "digital", how fan engagement depends on the digital access and the ways in which teams/venues are monetizing the "digital experience" in stadia and out of stadia.