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3:25 pm - 4:10 pm Breakout Sessions, Case Studies, Panels & Workshops

Collaborative Panel Discussion:

"Blind Data"

Tom Gorringe, Head of Marketing at Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club

• James Tyler, Head of Marketing at Premiership Rugby

Tom Gorringe will lead a collabortive panel discussion with industry leaders sharing their principles and strategies of using data more effectively. They will discuss the balancing act of soft sale vs hard sale. They will discuss the importantce of peronsonalizing the experience with fans and customers in order to improve fan engagment in marketing campaigns; how to build non-sales campaigns to create fan loyalty which effecticely creates longer term revenue returns.

RoundTable Discussion

"The Evolving Digital Landscape - Who Owns the Data on Social Platforms?"

Jesper Nyholm, Chief of Online & eHealth Gamification at Sport One Danmark A/S / Founder at

• Jon Burkhardt, Chief Creative Officer at TBC Global

• Tom Halls, Senior Digital,ESports Strategist/ Consultant at NRG ESports

The digital landscape is changing and evolving on a weekly basis with social media platforms gaining valuable access to customer data, customer relationshis and customer buying habits. Why is the NFL spending millions in a relationship with Twitter? The question lies with clubs and teams is who owns the data and how can the sports industry monetize the social data in a useful and effective manner. The clubs own the relationshi with the fans, but the social giants claim to own the data. This session will deep dive into a discussion of how to build a strategy around social media; how to select the right platforms for your business; how to build relationships with social media platforms & discuss tips to monetize social data.

Technology Case Study: "Fan to Friend - Harnessing the Power of AI and Geo-Location to Know Your Audience Like Never Before!"

Case Study Presenter: Steve Reese, Chief Information Officer at Phoenix Suns

Thanks to the powerful duo of AI & Hyper Local Geo-fencing, the Phoenix Suns have tapped a rich source of intelligence that allows them to track audience sentiment, analyze personality profiles and to have meaningful conversations like never before. This ability to gain deeper real-time social insights has given them the ability to not only cultivate a new level of Super Fan, but to move their relationship from Fan to Friend.