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10:15 am - 11:05 am Breakout Sessions, Case Studies, Panels & Workshops

Workshop/Best Practice Discussion: "Delivering a Successful CRM Strategy"

Workshop Leaders:

Mic Conetta , Head of CRM at Arsenal FC

• Matt Roberts, CRM Business Manager at Arsenal FC

Mic and Matt will lead a round table discussion and worskhop on how to successfully develop a CRM strategy that supports the ongoing operation of the organisation. In this session they will touch on:

• Stakeholder Management

• The Business Case

• Technology Selection

• Partner Selection

• Data Management

• Developing Internal Capability

• CRM Evolution

Best Practice Discussion

"Content is King" - Steps to Ensure Your Content Strategy Matches Your Business Strategy

Richard Clarke, Industry Digital Consultant & Content Specialist

Tom Gorringe, Head of Marketing at Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club

Jesper Nyholm, Chief of Online & eHealth Gamification at Sport One Danmark / Founder at

Open discussion on the importance and the how to steps of creating a "Content Strategy" that is relevant to the audience and relevant to the business needs; discussion centered on implementing best practice strategies of content creation for your organizations' marketing staff; how to ensure the social platform content is measuring against your business vision and business message. Session take-aways: You will gain insights into best practices to creating a content strategy that matches your business strategy.

seveal sports & brand marketing experts on how they created and develiped their brands and the long-term benefits acheived.