Season Program | Big Top Chautauqua 2018 - Page 42

INSIDE the tent Volunteers: This Is Your Big Top! Article by Anne Olson, Volunteer Coordinator Who is the first person you see when you come to a show at the tent? A Volunteer! Volunteers take your tickets at the admissions gate, help you park your car, work at the merchandise tent, keep the grounds and facilities clean, and help you find your seat when the band is about to start. In fact, every year nearly 300 volunteers help out at Big Top. Without them, the show simply would not go on. At the heart of it all, Big Top Chautauqua isn’t a certain type of music, or its great location, or even a tent. It’s people. All told, literally thousands. Volunteers, creative artists, donors, board members, staff Steve Yoshikane, members, and attendees contribute because they are passionate about the creative arts and cultural Volunteer education in their community, and about the magic they experience at Big Top. We are grateful for their contributions and their good company. If you would like to join our family of volunteers to help this season or in a future season, contact us at (715) 373-5552 or visit Andy´s Foods Minnesota ats e M y t i l Qua ce u d o r P Fresh quor Lake Superior Bayfield County Michigan Illinois 42 e·Li n i W · r e e B Bayfield, WI ( 7 15 ) 373 - 5 5 52