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INSIDE the tent Celebrating Lake Superior and Our Waters (Article continued from page 15) toward protection? Is recent “Water Deregulation” a threat or an advantage? Experts will join us from Wisconsin Green Fire: Voice for Conservation, the Bad River Tribe, and others on the front lines of water research and protection, including guests Terry Daulton, Bob Martini, Mike Wiggins, and Mary Dougherty. Superior! Songs and Stories of the Big Lake, an original production by members of the Blue Canvas Orchestra, was a new show in 2017 and is back for several showings in 2018 by popular demand. Written and directed by Jan Lee with co-composers Severin Behnen, Tom Draughon, Molly Otis, and storytellers Tom Mitchell and Frank Montano, Superior! is a celebration in song and story of the majesty, history, beauty, power, and fragility of world’s largest fresh water lake. Featuring thoughtful and sometimes humorous original songs, stories, and visuals on the giant Big Top screen of Lake Superior’s formation, shipwrecks, Native peoples, fishing heritage, seasonal beauty, natural wonders, and vastness, this production seeks to call to and inspire people of all generations into stewardship of this magnificent inland Jan Lee, Writer and Director of sea. Superior! Songs and Stories of the Big Lake There is one line from Superior! that best summarizes what the show attempts to capture: “If this water could speak…what would it say?” It’s a great year to talk about and celebrate Lake Superior and the magnificent waters that we are fortunate to have surrounding us. Dining—Recreation—Entertainment—Shopping—Arts Print & Online Quick Reference Guide “Locally Serving Ashland & Bayfield Counties” August 18 th ~ 19 th Lake Superior’s south shore is alive with art! See the work of nationally and regionally acclaimed artists in their galleries and home studios. The artists will be present to discuss their art - the techniques, the materials, and the ideas behind their work. 40 ( 7 15 ) 373 - 5 5 52