Season Program | Big Top Chautauqua 2018 - Page 4

INSIDE the tent Welcome to the Big Top A Community Supported Non-Profit with a Mission Article by Kim Ogle, President – Board of Directors Big Top Chautauqua is a unique place to see a live performance. The all-canvas tent provides an intimate experience with great acoustics and an outdoor feel. The venue is in a beautiful spot at the base of Mt. Ashwabay, out in the heart of nature with trails all around, perched above the shores of Lake Superior. But there is even more to Big Top. Big Top is a non-profit organization with a mission to provide educational activities to the community, and to connect cultures from our own region and around the world. We are proud to present original productions featuring Big Top’s house band, the Blue Canvas Orchestra, with historical, natural, and cultural themes (more information on page 7). We offer a series of free family matinees with a multi-cultural and global theme. We also have the Native American Community Connections events that happen throughout the season, honoring the rich cultural heritage of Northern Wisconsin. (Information on the Essentia Health Free Family Series and Native American Community Connections can be found on page 12-13.) These shows bring history and culture to life and celebrate the rich local arts community. Through these programs Big Top brings education and connection to thousands of people. Who would have thought all this could happen in a big tent in the woods? It’s a dream come true – the collective dream of our founders, performing artists, and the hundreds of people like you, who are donors, sponsors, and volunteers whose support makes each season possible. Our sincere thanks to everyone who helps make it happen. Ozaawaa Animikii, Native Expressions Drum and Dance Troupe 2018 Season Sponsors and G [•H[][ۜ[ܙ[^][ۜ۝X][Y\YX\\H\Y[ˈ\H۝X][ۜ[YXZBH NX\ۈXKH NX\ۈ\[\ܚ][HH^YY[[]]H[Y\X[[][]HۛX[ۜ\[Y[\BH[\[XH[وH[]\\[܈\XH[][]B[][ۂY[[X[X[ۜ[YYܘ\^H[\\H[Y[\HH\H\[\XH[][]H[ [Y[X]HوH[]\\[܈\XH[][]H[][ۂ\][ۘ[\ܝ\ݚYYYHܘ[HBPRQ[وH[][ۂYH[Z[H\Y\[Y[\HH\]X[YYۈ^B\XH[][]H[ [Y[X]HوH[]\\[܈\XB[][]H[][ۂYH[Z[H\Y\\\ܝY[\HHܘ[HB\]X[YYۈ^H\[[[H\ۜ[\\][HH]Hو\ۜ[]]H[Y\X[[][]HۛX[ۜ[Y[\HHؘ[]\[\[وH[]\\[܈\XB[][]H[][ۂ MH H H H H L