Season Program | Big Top Chautauqua 2018 - Page 29

A U G U S T Shows THE TEMPTATIONS 10 Friday 7:30p 58 / $ 72 / $ 88 $ The Temptations have prospered for more than 50 years, propelling popular music with smash hits such as “My Girl,” “Just My Imagination,” and “Since I Lost My Baby,” and giving sold-out performances throughout the world. Yet despite their glorious history, they continue to reinvent. This is a legendary group and stellar lineup that can’t be missed. Sponsored by THE WASHBURN INN and HARBOR VIEW EVENT CENTER SON VOLT WITH POKEY LAFARGE 11 Saturday 7:30p 39 Reserved Seating $ Son Volt was one of the most instrumental and inf luential bands launching the alt. country movement, precursor to Americana. Bandleader Jay Farrar’s depth and poetic penchant has been the foundation of a deep and intelligent body of work, complimented by one of the most distinctive voices in roots, rock, country or any genre. Pokey LaFarge is a musical storyteller of the unkempt Americana experience. He tours in support of his new album Manic Revelations. Sponsored by MOTION TO GO THE TAMBURITZANS 12 Sunday 1:00p Free Admission! Since The Tamburitzans was founded over eight decades ago, the ensemble has performed a wide repertoire of international folk music and dance, mainly from Eastern Europe and its neighboring folk cultures. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, the company’s members are full-time students who recei ͍ٔ́͡ȁѡȁѥ٥ѥ̸Q͡܁ݥݕ䁄)ɕɕэȁ5]ɭ͡)I5%1dMI%LMA=9M=IL͕(͕̀́ѥ!ѠɕMɥ)10 =IM=9L=Q!I%1I=((ȁձЁQɅɽ́́ٔݥѠɥ͍ͥɕ٥Յ̸)Q Ք م́=ɍɄ́ͽ́ɽѡ9ͽɥ́ Ё )ɽՍѥq=ѡYٕгt́Ʌͽ́䁽ѡ́Ʌɽ) ͠Ѽ) ፅȁ]IѡɅ́ݥѠѡ́܁͡܁Mٕɥ Q5э)ݥѠՕЁ]ɕ9ͽ(āeѠMͽɕY=1M=8-Q!dIMI)Mչ(((+~:~: <)9Q%Y5I% 8 =55U9%Qd =99 Q%=9LY9P()]͑()ɕ)ͥ)1ɸЁ=ݔѽ䁅ձɔѡɽ՝͍ͥͥ)9ѥٔɕͥ́մQɽݥəɴ]͍ͥAՉQ٥ͥ)ݥ͡܁ѡ Iٕȁ=ݔ!ѽ䰁ݔݥ٥܁ѡ%!͔Mձ)͍ձѡѥѡ)MͽɕIP1-L%9%8%M ]%11% =55%MM%=8(̀́9ѥٔɥ չ ѥ)]]\ $Q<@