Season Program | Big Top Chautauqua 2018 - Page 18

Shows J U LY BLUES TRAVELER with opener The Slamming Doors 15 Sunday 7:30p $ 40 / $ 52 / $ 64 Blues Traveler emerged in the late ‘80s and are best known for their improvisational shows and multi-platinum selling album four, which earned them a GRAMMY and features hit singles “Run-Around” and “Hook.” Throughout their career the band has released 20 full-length albums. Their most recent, Blow Up the Moon, features a range of artists representing country, pop, reggae and hip-hop. Sponsored by DEEP WATER GRILLE and THE ALLEY 🎶 🎶 Dance alert! ARLO GUTHRIE Re:Generation Tour with Sarah Lee Guthrie and Abe Guthrie 19 Thursday 7:30p 55 / $ 68 / $ 78 $ THE GUESS WHO 20 Friday 7:30p 50 / $ 60 / $ 72 $ Arlo Guthrie is known as a songwriter, social commentator, master storyteller, actor, and activist. The son of America’s beloved singer/writer/ philosopher/artist Woody Guthrie, Arlo is an iconic folk music figure in his own right with a distinguished career spanning over fifty years. Arlo’s children Abe and Sarah Lee will be joining their dad to present music of the Guthrie Generations. Sponsored by MAGGIE’S RESTAURANT The Guess Who has connected with the masses through a hit parade spanning fourteen Top 40 hits, including “These Eyes,” “Hand Me Down World,” “No Time,” “Share the Land,” and “American Woman.” Hear the classic songs performed exactly the way they should be, as a roller coaster ride of electric instrumentation, timeless balladry, unpredictable jamming, and the ultimate sing-a-long experience. Sponsored by ASHLAND CONTRUCTION CO., INC. BIG TOP DOES THE BEATLES 21 Corey Carlson and Severin Behnen lead the Blue Canvas Orchestra to bring the quintessential pop rock group of the 60s to the Big Top. No funny hairdos or outfits - just inspiring performances, arrangements, and instrumentation complete with string section. Sing along with favorites such as “Yesterday,” “Let It Be,” I Am the Walrus,” and “The Long and Winding Road.” Saturday 7:30p $ 22 Adult $ Sponsored by MIDLAND SERVICES 11 Youth 🎪 🎪 BCO+ BLUEGRASS DAY CAMP FOR KIDS 23 - 25 10:00a $150 ‘Early Bird’ per student / $175 After June 25 18 🎪 🎪 BCO+ You can use your BCO+Pass or Family Blanket Pass. Youngsters – explore the music and traditions of Bluegrass and Southern Appalachian culture for three days with stars of the Blue Canvas Orchestra! Geared toward youth ages 7-17, Camp will cover lessons on guitar, banjo, fiddle, bass, mandolin, and voice. Both individual and group participation will be part of this experience, at all levels from total beginner through advanced. 📖 📖 Article on page 19 🎶 🎶 Dance alert! High-energy show, audiences likely to stand up/dance. ( 7 15 ) 373 - 5 5 52