Season Program | Big Top Chautauqua 2018 - Page 14

Shows J U LY WOODLAND SKY NATIVE AMERICAN DANCE COMPANY 1 A theatrical, authentic performance with Native American Ojibwe, Menominee, Potawatomi, Lakota and Apache dancers. The telling of historic tales and stories using traditional Native songs and dances. Sunday 1:00p FREE FAMILY SERIES SPONSORS See page 12 Free Admission! RIDING THE WIND 1 Original music, song-stories, and beautiful big-screen photography lead this musical history of Bayfield and the island environs, with secrets of Red Cliff and Old La Pointe. Take a journey with lighthouse keepers, Ojibwe, dreamers and schemers, voyageurs, fishermen, and more. Created in 1985 by Warren Nelson and Betty Ferris, this was the first show ever performed on the Big Top stage! Sunday 7:30p $ 22 Adult $ 3 3 Essentia Health Free Family Series 3 3 Native American Community Connections Sponsored by DEEP WATER GRILLE and THE ALLEY 11 Youth 🎪 🎪 BCO+ YONDER MOUNTAIN STRING BAND with The Sweet Water Warblers and The Lowest Pair 5 Thursday 7:30p $ 44 Reserved Seating Marking their 20th anniversary, Yonder Mountain String Band’s nature and instincts remain progressive. Melding sophisticated songcraft, irrepressible spirit, and remarkable instrumental ability, their latest efforts are a testament to their organic, dynamic, and intensely personal brand of contemporary bluegrass-fueled Americana. They’ll be joined at Big Top by The Sweet Water Warblers featuring Rachael Davis, May Erlewine, and Lindsay Lou; and The Lowest Pair. Sponsored by AARON GUSKI CONSTRUCTION, LLC and CF DESIGN 🎶 🎶 Dance alert! WATER TALK 6 Experts join us from Wisconsin Green Fire: Voice for Conservation, the Bad River Tribe, and others on the front lines of water research and protection for a facilitated community discussion about water: What is Wisconsin’s Public Trust Doctr RB2BW&Fsv@&RFRF&VG2g&g&26B֖rv66GvV24d3r&RFRFvVW0G&&W2VFrFRVff'G2Fv&B&FV7FWN( 2FƲvFW#v^( fRFR6ffVRBg&F3g&VPF֗76gVFVB'tDUԕD4TdԔŒeTBbDRETUD5UU$ $T4TEdTDD 9b 9b'F6RvRP5UU$"4u2B5D$U2bDR$rP`g&Fs3@#"GV@@@  $4WFR6W6RW"$472"f֖ǒ&WB726VV'&FRFRvW"W7G7F'BvFW"bFR&vW7Bg&W6vFW"PV'FVRB6WfW&&VV&W6VB&v6w2B7F&W2bP7WW&"vFFR&VR6f2&6W7G&W&f&6W2FB&R7G&rvFV'@BV"rvF7V7F7V"&r67&VVvW2'&WGGfW'&2vW'6PRFRƖfRB7VGW&RbFW6R7F&VBvFW'276&VB'T$TD44TDU  $4 9b 9b'F6RvRP b bF6RW'BvVW&w6rVFV6W2ƖVǒF7FBWF6RࢂrR3s2RRS