Season Program | Big Top Chautauqua 2017 - Page 8

BIG TOP ORIGINAL PRODUCTIONS Join us for our own unique brand of "edutainment" shows that feature songs and stories performed by Big Top's Blue Canvas Orchestra and Singers that bear the hallmark of exquisite musicianship illustrated by big-screen visuals. The Blue Canvas Orchestra (BCO) is Chautauqua's house band that, together with Co-Founder and Visuals Director Betty Ferris and a multitude of talented guest artists, provides the entertainment engine that powers the Big Top. This year we debut three new original shows: "Superior!," "Rise Up Singing" and "Big Top Does The Beatles." Jan Lee, long-time Big Top performer and Founder of StageNorth, leads the creative team in "Superior!," a new historical musical that celebrates the largest of the Great Lakes in story, song and big screen images. "Rise Up Singing" is led by the creative team that brought you "Belfast To Bluegrass" and "Shanties & Shipwrecks." Severin Behnen and Stevie Matier bring you a collection of songs surrounding the struggle for peace, justice and hope over the years and around the world. Corey Carlson and Severin Behnen bring you a show featuring Beatles songs interpreted by the Blue Canvas Orchestra called "Big Top Does The Beatles." This show follows past retrospective works produced by the BCO including the songs of Bob Dylan, Crosby Stills & Nash, The Eagles, Paul Simon and Cat Stevens. We reprise "Big Top Opry 2: The Outlaw Years" which debuted last summer. This show features the great Opry outlaws from the 60s, 70s and 80s like Waylon & Willie, and the ladies: Dolly, Loretta, and Tammy. We also bring you our flagship show "Riding the Wind," the illustrated history of Bayfield - a perpetual favorite for over 30 years! Big Top Founder Warren Nelson also returns with a celebration of his 50 years in show business: "So Many Years, So Many Songs." And at the close of the season, we bring out a favorite from a few years ago that spotlights the environment and makes the call to good stewardship in "Wild Woods & Waters." Then there are our variety nights, "New First Night" and "Old Last Night." This is when the band gets to cut loose and play their favorite songs from their 32 summers on the Big Top stage. You haven't fully experienced Big Top Chautauqua until you've seen the Original Shows and our amazing Blue Canvas Orchestra! Special thanks to The Boldt Company for their support of Big Top original productions. MORTY'S PUB ESTABLISHED 1935 FOOD Fresh Lake Superior Whitefish Burgers & Sandwiches • Appetizers DRINKS Full Bar • Craft Beer FUN Pool • Pinball OPEN DAILY at 11:30 AM 108 RITTENHOUSE AVENUE, BAYFIELD • (715) 779-3996 8 WWW.BIGTOP.ORG (715)373-5552