Season Program | Big Top Chautauqua 2017 - Page 34

Friday, September 8, 2017 • 7:00 PM Saturday, Sept. 9, 2017 • 7:00 PM Monday, September 11, 2017 • 7:00 PM Tickets: $ 22 adult/ $ 11 student Tickets: $ 22/ $ 30/ $ 36 Tickets: $ 22 adult/ $ 11 student Jan Lee and Severin Behnen lead the Blue Canvas Orchestra in a new show about the queen of all the Great Lakes - Lake Superior. Celebrate the power, majesty, history, and natural wonder of Gitche Gumee through original songs, stories, and spectacular images on the big screen. Jan Lee is the founder of StageNorth in Washburn and a regular performer on the Big Top Stage. Severin Behnen is Big Top’s Musical Director during the summer and a teacher and professional musician in Los Angeles in the offseason. They will be joined by BCO members and special guests including Frank Montano, Tom Draughon, Tom Mitchell, Jack Gunderson, Phil Anich, Liesel Wilson, Emily Belanger, and Bruce Qualey, along with visual director Betty Ferris, for this special original production. Join us for our traditional closing night of the 2017 season. Old Last Night is always a mashed-up variety show featuring the music of our own BCO with special guests. Michael Perry, host of Big Top’s Tent Show Radio, brings his band The Long Beds to the stage to help close out the season with his original country folk tunes that feature important lyrical themes such as mud, cheese and trucks. C. Willi Myles, “America’s Everyday Comedian,” is an old friend of the Big Top and a veteran of many an Old Last Night. C. Willi will have everyone in the tent rolling in the aisles with his insightful and hysterical observations of life in the Northland and elsewhere on this crazy planet. Special pre-show appearance by: Native Expressions Drum & Dance Troupe Sponsored by: •Jim & Joanne Collins "76&VB'( $vvRw2&W7FW&N( 62Vǒ#rBVwW7B03Buur$uD$psR3s2SSS 6VV'&FRFRvB6FRbW"F( 2vFW'2BG66W0vFW"&VR6f2&6W7G&B6vW'2g&FR&fW'0FFRw&VBW2Bg&FRvWFG2FFRf&W7G2F06rfVGW&W2FR7F&W26w2BvW2bW"vf&fVBw&VFW7BGW&&W6W&6W2B26VV'&F`FW6RvgG2B&VWvVB6FVWFV6fRf"gWGW&PvVW&F276&VB'( #2FVFW&F6&VvB76V( (dF6RW'BvRWfW"rvVW2F6r"7FFr'&VWBvRG'FRBgVf"WfW'RखbR&RBF6W"BF( BvBF&R6VvB&VBRG'66r6VG2FR֖B6VFW""&66V7F2