Season Program | Big Top Chautauqua 2017 - Page 11

BIG TOP RAFFLE Salute to our 2017 Season Sponsor Dedicated Big Top volunteers run a raffle each summer on the Chautauqua grounds, a tradition started long ago by the support group "The Keepers of the Magic." Raffle tickets are sold all summer, with winners drawn as part of the Old Last Night celebration on September 9. Media Sponsor Prize packages include: • "Dine Around" collection featuring gift certificates from some of the area's excellent restaurants • Set of four tickets to a Packers game at Lambeau Field (always one of the most popular packages) • Big Top package X]\[Y\YX]\[Y\[\B\][ۘ[[ܘ[Hܘ[\ܝݚYYN(XX[XYHوZ[[Y[ Y\[\H\[Y[وH\ۜ[]\\^B[X]HZ\ ML[]\\B\XX[Y\\\[X[K[Y[\ܛY\Y\[\H[H L L\YK[YY\ܝY\][ۜ]X\H  L و\ܝZ\YXXYX\[[قH۝X]ܜ\H[\X\܈HYHXY\BTUPSQQӈVHTPBPRQ[و[][ۂ\ܝY[\HBܘ[HB\ۜ[\\][HH]Hو\ۜ[[B][ۘ[[Y[܈H\˂[ۚ[[ۈ]\ZXY[[H [H H[[Y\Š]Y\ Hۘ\Y]]]\]XH\[]\[Y]\XH[Y\ˈH[HX\[ۋB\\XH][\[\ۘ][ۜZY[Z[Y\[YY X\B[[\۝X][ۈ\Hۘ\ˈ[[HB\ܝYHH\“ZY\\[[ Hܘ[Hو\“ZY\]\[YHH][ۘ[[Y[܈B\]Y][ۘ[۝X][ۜHB\ۜ[\\[Hܘ[Hܛ\ Q[ۜܜ\[\وX^H MK M”\]HYY]Y^HY[ \Y[\[܈]\HY[X]\\\\[ [\][\ˈ[X[ۜ[YH][\H\][˜\\Y[X\وHYH[\ܘ\K[Y]]]\]XKH\ۛ[H[X[ۜ]Y ܙ܈\]\ٙXH[۝ۈ\\ MJLMMMLUːQ ԑ L