Season Program | Big Top Chautauqua 2016 - Page 6

BIG TOP ORIGINAL PRODUCTIONS Join us for our own unique brand of shows that feature songs and stories performed by Big Top’s Blue Canvas Orchestra and Singers that bear the hallmark of exquisite musicianship illustrated by big-screen visuals. The Blue Canvas Orchestra (BCO) is Chautauqua’s house band that, together with Co-Founder and Visuals Director Betty Ferris and a multitude of talented guest artists, provides the entertainment engine that powers the Big Top. This year we debut the sequel to the hit show “Big Top Opry” which celebrates the classic Country and Western songs by the likes of Hank Williams and Patsy Cline. Our new “Big Top Opry 2: The Outlaw Years” features the great Opry outlaws from the 60s, 70s and 80s like Waylon & Willie, and the ladies: Dolly, Loretta and Tammy. Big Top Founder Warren Nelson brings a retrospective celebration of 30 Years of big original shows in “So Many Shows, So Many Songs.” Warren also brings back the classic Nelson Ferris Concert Co. show “Keeper of the Light,” a song-story accounting of the lives of the lighthouse keepers of the Apostle Islands. This year we feature collaborations with two monumental Duluth institutions: Duluth Superior Symphony Orchestra in our 30th Anniversary Celebration “Blue Canvas Orchestrated” and The Duluth Playhouse in the new documusical “Steerage Song,” the stories of immigrants from Western Europe via Ellis Island in the late 1800s and early 1900s through song and story. And producer Larry Long brings his “For Pete’s Sake: A Tribute to Pete Seeger” to the tent with an all-star cast including our own BCO. We reprise our Celtic/bluegrass musical from 2015 “Belfast to Bluegrass” which traces the transformation of Celtic music brought to America from the North of Ireland as it becomes the roots of American Bluegrass. Other historical musicals this year include our stalwart show “Riding the Wind,” the illustrated history of Bayfield, and a reprise of “Big Top Opry.” Then there are our variety nights, “New First Night” and “Old Last Night.” This is when the band gets to cut loose and play their favorite songs from their 30 summers on t Qх()eԁٕeЁձ䁕ɥѡ Qչѥ׊eٔ)͕ѡ=ɥḾȁ饹 Ք م́=ɍɄ() %Q=@=8Q=UH()Q Ք م́=ɍɄəɵ́ѽ)ѡɽ՝Ёѡɕ)́Ёѡѕаȁ)չ䁹ȁԄ))U8䰀؀͡ٽɥѕ̈)́ IͽЃ1ԁ԰]$(Դܹ͉́ɜ)= Pܴ䰀؀ Ք م́=ɍɄ% Ј) 噥ѥم 噥]$(Դԁܹ噥ɜ) 䰀؀ Ք م́!M)Mɕ!Ё5ͥ ѕȃձѠ]$(̴ԁܹͅɕѵͥɜ) ؀ Ք م́!M)1]ѕ́IͽЀ ͥI ]$(شܹ݅ѕ̹))8а܀QЁM܁I1ٔ)QɅ=͡͠!ѽɥ=Ʉ!͔=͡͠]$(дԁܹɅɅ͔ɜ)䰀܀ Q=) ѕȁȁѡ̃5Ս]$(Դشܹѕȹɜ)5Hİ܀ Q=) 0 ѕȃI͉ɜ]$(дȁܹѕȹɜ)5ɔ́͡ѥՅ䁅]эܹѽɜ()5=IQdLAU)MQ 1%M!)==)ɕ͠1Mɥȁ]ѕ͠) ɝ̀Mݥ̃ѥ()I%9-L)ձ ȃ ɅЁ ()U8)AA()=A8%1dЀ4(I%QQ9!=UMY9U e%1)ܹՈԤ((؁]]\ %Q=@=I$Ԥ̴((0