Season Program | Big Top Chautauqua 2016 - Page 15

The 2016 Season is underwritten by The Bayfield Inn Summer 2016 Schedule June evening shows start at 7:30pm sat 11 30th Anniversary Celebration: 6pm Picnic/7:30pm Concert Blue Canvas Orchestrated with BCO and DSSO fri 17 New First Night: BCO and Barefoot Wonder sat 18 Brandi Carlile w/Greg Holden sun 19 Three Dog Night w/Tim & Myles thu 23 Belfast to Bluegrass fri 24 Warren Nelson’s “So Many Shows, So Many Songs” sat 25 Buddy Guy w/Matt Andersen s un 26 Michael Franti and Spearhead w/Chali 2na t hu 30 Big Top Opry July evening shows start at 7:30pm fri 1 The Oak Ridge Boys with The Strangers and Ben & Noel Haggard sat 2 BoDeans w/Moors & McCumber sun 3 Riding the Wind thu 7 Belfast to Bluegrass fri 8 Chris Isaak sat 9 Night Fever: The Bee Gees Tribute sun 10 Big Top Opry 2: The Outlaw Years thu 14 fri 15 sat 16 Keeper of the Light sun 17 Emmylou Harris w/The Pines tue 19 Pie & Politics 5:30pm Booths/7pm Keynote/Free event thu 21 Lyle Lovett and his Large Band fri 22 Big Top Opry 2: The Outlaw Years sat 23 Belfast to Bluegrass s un 24 For Pete’s Sake: A Tribute to Pete Seeger w/BCO, Larry Long, Kevin Kling, Prudence Johnson, and Dan Chouinard thu 28 Tower of Power fri 29 Riding the Wind sat 30 John Fullbright w/Tall Heights sun 31 Shawn Colvin & Steve Earle Bluegrass Camp for Kids • August 16-18 Native American Community Connections Visit for event schedule August evening shows start at 7:30pm thu 4 fri 5 Steerage Song with Duluth Playhouse and BCO sat 6 sun 7 Nitty Gritty Dirt Band w/Okee Dokee Bro FW'0GVRV66RBrBW&fV'2rG6V`FRvVƖ27F&Рg& FRfW&606B0&2&7FffW'6ࠗ7V@FRvƗ26ࠗFR'6W6W2bBw&VFW0vFFR&&VfBfVV@g&&rFF6B#'WFRf7FW"r&"w&fP7V#rBFRf'VW2FVFW&&&G0FR#PFRvw2B662FRg'rࠒg&#`FW'6B'G7GV'@6B#p'Vfg6FR&RrRV&W7V#֖6VW''( VFC^( РvVB3RBFW"VF7G&r&@6WFV&W"WfVr6w27F'BBsРFRRg&VPg& VVG7FP6B0֖6VfV7FVࠒg&7FVW&vR6rvFGVWFW6RB$4BB7BvC$4֖6VW''F:ZV,:V0g&`VWB&WffrFƖ&vP6Bp&rD6WFWVfW7BSХ&w&7V&V7BF6vPW76VFVFg&VRf֖ǒFVR6W&W07F'G2B( "F6WG2"&W6W'fF2&WV&V@6Bl+s&VR6f2&6W7G&FVBvF$4bE546B|+s`f&2'&FW'0V|+s3f6G&607V+spVRFVR'&FW'0B+s0FF6P0B+s#pFfRW&W762G'VbF6RvFwVW7G00f"&Rf&FBF&FW"F6WG2f6BW2ƖR"6àuur$uD$~( ( .( 󃃌+t$|+uDT@&fBW&f&֖r'G2&v旦F66R`