Seahawks Game Day Newsletter 8 Dec 10th Seattle_digital - Page 13

Stadium Classics (Section 104, 115, 131, 142, 414, & 442) Bubba Burger (Section 105 & 132) 95 Southern Fried (Section 114) Bono’s (Section 119) Smokey’Q BBQ (Section 405 & 431) Southside Burrito Company (Section 125) Duval Grille (Section 128) Andrew Jackson’s BBQ (Section 131) Vinny’s Original/Authentic Philly (Section 409 & 436) DeVille Grille (Section 141, 410 & 435) Grid Iron Grill (Section 146) Head over to Bono’s BBQ for a turkey sandwich and the side of the day located on the lower level. Feature Spot of the Game: Our elevator bars have craft beer! Select your favorite 12oz can for only $5! Gluten Free Options: Options available at Southside Burrito Company, Stack Burger, & 95 Southern Fried on the lower level as well as Bubba Burger & Jaxson’s Classics on the upper level. EVERBANK LOUNGES Come in and relax in the EverBank Lounges located on the upper level of the US Assure Clubs. You won’t miss a moment of the game with the Jaguars on the massive 6’x11’ screen and catch other games from around the NFL. Plus, see EverBank Field like never before with a 360° experience that will put you at training camp, in the sky and on the fi eld for game day. Concierge desks are located on the ground level and immediately outside of the elevator on the lower and upper levels for any game day needs you may have. HONOR ROWS® Visit for a full list of gluten free items available at EverBank Field. PREMIUM PREVIEW US ASSURE CLUB The Holidays are among us! The US Assure Club would like to wish you and your family a happy holiday! We now have Mister Softee ice cream bars at our Sweet Shop in the upper level of the US Assure Club. Come try a strawberry shortcake bar. Alert Today Alive Tomorrow, proud sponsor of Jaguars Foundation’s Honor Rows, invites you to join Shad and Ann Khan along with the entire Jaguars organization in recognizing the youth seated in the Honor Rows section. We congratulate them on their accomplishment of earning heir seat to today’s game. These youth have set and achieved goals of personal and academic achievement, physical fi tness and volunteer service. These youth know that safety doesn’t happen by accident. More than 5,000 youth and chaperones will sit in the Honor Rows this season. Game-day volunteers are provided by the United Way of Northeast Florida.