SCWAY Newsletter - Page 3

Gabrielle Garcia

In conclusion, I would like to give you some dates and locations of spring tournaments for those of you that like to plan in advance. The Freshman, Sophomore and Junior grade state championships are scheduled for March 13-15 at Cerritos College in Los Angeles. Because of the population of Southern California I believe we may need to cap the event so those of you that plan on attending may want to have kids sign up as soon as it comes online Feb 1, 2015. We are going to allow wrestlers from other states into our championships and hope to create our own version of the California Nationals in the years to come. Our kid’s state tournament this year has been scheduled at Buchanan High School for the weekend of March 27-29. We changed or state championships for two reasons; first we don’t want kids and families to have to choose between our state championships and USA Wrestling and because many of us in SCWAY want to attend the NCAA Wrestling Championships which I believe is the greatest wrestling tournament in the world each year. I am still waiting on final confirmation from Cal State Bakersfield on hosting our first kid’s state dual meet championships on Sunday after the High School State Championships on Sunday, March 8, 2015. Finally, I would like to thank Pablo DiMaria for joining the SCWAY staff and doing all things in promotions and news for the organization. Please do not hesitate to contact me or Pablo if you have anything or any special recognition you want for one of your wrestlers, boosters or tournament.

“Together, we can”

Steve Lawson

SCWAY State Director 714-420-8294