SCWAY Newsletter - Page 12

Upcoming Tournaments

Buchanan High Will be hosting Jr High and High school ONLY



1560 N. Minnewawa Ave.

Clovis, CA 93611

This year’s tournament will be a little different from the usual local SCWAY event. It will be run like our highly successful summer competitions are run on 6-8 mats with 3-sided digital clocks. Wrestlers will be matched up by age division, weight, and skill level to ensure that they are wrestling only quality matches (3-4, with exhibitions allowed at the end). This is a tournament geared for high school and jr. high aged kids (if you are younger and want to wrestle up then so be it). The goal is to get as many matches to get better as possible while still starting on time (9am) and finishing early (around 2pm).

New to this year:

• You must sign-up/register online through ( We will not be accepting email or walk-up entrances.

• You must pay ($15) online when you register your individual. If you are entering 10 or more wrestler then you may pay with a club check the day of the tournament.

• When registering you will enter your wrestler’s weight (exact weight, not what they will wrestle during the year), school (to try and make it so you don’t wrestle people from your own team), division they are wrestling (jr high or HS), and skill level: Novice, Varsity or Elite (the level you put directly influences who they are matched up with so please try to be accurate).

• Check-in from 7-8am. You must show a paid SCWAY card at check-in. Anyone who hasn’t checked-in and paid by 8am will be dropped from the tournament.

• Wrestlers are guaranteed a certain amount of matches, which are predetermined before wrestling starts (all based off of the data given)

• There is no making weight. The system uses a fluctuating pool to keep all the wrestlers around the same weight.

• There are no medals or places in the tournament. We are offering quality mat time.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact:

Head Coach Troy Tirapelle @