THE GULF Wah-Tut-Ca ’s gulf regio n contains m teries. It is a any mysplace of legen d and lore. T almost 500 y here is ears of stories related to this wonder. Ven turing Crew natural 4371’s conti investigation nuing of this region is aimed at u standing an nderd unlocking the secrets of this place. During Scientifica crewmembers examined the gulf from all sides. On the south side of the gulf is Robinson Lookout. Wah-Tut-Ca’s founders climbed this area in the fall of 1935 and its view was a determining factor in the purchase of the camp. On the north side is Brownsea and according to data collected by the crew is the highest point in the gulf region. Below Brownsea and the Lookout is the gulf brook. The crew examined sandstone to determine if the brook was once a river. From the evidence collected it appear that it was. Samples of the stone were collected to bring back to the lab for further investigation. William’s Perch 1937 2014 Robinson Lookout 6.06” TYD Looking for Clues Puzzle Tree