Science Of The Shot Part 1 Shooting is ultimately about a piece of technology that uses chemistry, physics, math and geometry. These elements are combined with human skill to hit the target with precision. Crew 4371 spent a day at Wah-Tut-Ca’s range to examine the science and variables of the shot. Part 1 was a practical and historical experience with muzzle-loaded guns. The session began with the history of the rifles and safety protocols. Chuck and Darlene Longshore lead part 1. Both are experienced NRA instructors. Darlene helped the crew prepare the lead shot. This involved melting lead and straining away contaminants. Once melted crewmembers poured the molten lead into a mold that shaped the pellets. Lead, Melting point 621.5°F (327.5°C) Once the shot was prepared Chuck gave each member the opportunity to fire them in the rifle. The kick back from the rifle was significant.