Science Wows Pancake Science Magazine - Page 6

Dr. Simple’s favourite Pancake recipes Buttermilk pancakes You will need... 30g butter, 1 large egg 150g plain flour, 250ml buttermilk 1 teaspoon castor sugar 1/2 teaspoon bread soda I teaspoon of baking powder When cooking you will see bubbles forming, when they start to pop, it’s time to turn the pancake over! Drop sc ones You w ill nee 30g b d... utter, 250g 1 larg plain e egg f lo ur, What to do... 1 teas 2 50ml rmilk I teas poon casto 1. Place all the dry ingredients r sug poon a o r f baking What in a bowl and mix. to do.. powde r . 2. Place the egg and milk into a jug 1. Gen tly me a sma lt the 3. Pour the wet ingredients ll sauc butter e p 2 a in n . Sift into the bowl and mix over the flo a low add t ur int heat. 4. Melt the butter, add to he su o a b gar a owl an n the bowl and mix in. d bak d 3. Add ing po the e wder. No buttermilk in the fridge? Don’t panic! mixing gg an 5. Leave the batter sit d star while Just add half a teaspoon of vinegar t you s for 5 minutes before cooking. to regular milk and wait five minutes. lowly add in It sours the milk, making it more acidic the m 4. Add ilk. -just like buttermilk! the m elted into a butter smoot and m h, thic ix 5. Lea k bat v e ter. the b for 5 atter minute sit s befo re co oking These are delicious served warm, . smeared with a bit of butter! ? Can you help? P 5 l ab t rin n itio d ee 21/2 cups of flour equals ___ g flour 0.75 cups of flour equals ___ g flour 1/2 teaspoon of milk equals ___ mls milk 0.2 teaspoon of milk equals ___ mls milk DID YOU KN O According to Professor Frank Smith of University College London, the mathematical formula for the perfect pancake flip is... L = 4 H /P- D / 2 ..? W. Dr. Simple is having trouble testing a new pancake recipe. He needs to convert cups to grams and teaspoons to mls. He knows that... 1 cup of flour equals 128g and 1 teaspoon equals 5 mls. Can you help him with his calculations by completing the table below? m L = hand distance from inner edge of the pancake / H = height of flip / D = diameter of pancake