Science and Technology Museum at Ayb Learning Hub - Page 5

SCIENCE CENTER Armenia’`s competitiveness in the world economy depends on human capital, especially due to the scarcity of natural resources. Indeed, human resources account for the dramatic changes in various spheres of Armenia’`s economy, enabling Armenian inventors and entrepreneurs to become leaders in international markets. Scientific development has been a hallmark of Armenian culture. During the Soviet era, Armenia was a powerhouse of science and technology. However, the collapse of the Soviet Union disrupted the economy, and science too faced hardships, losing its luster among the younger generation. Since its establishment, Ayb has always encouraged children’`s interest towards science and created opportunities for research and experimentation. From 2006 to 2008, Ayb organized intensive courses in different subjects including physics and chemistry. These courses gave students the opportunity to delve into these subjects, making them more attractive for further study and careers. In 2007, the Ayb Educational Foundation launched the AybLabs program to assure that schools have up-to-date, well-equipped laboratories that afford students the opportunity to learn and create new things and discover their interest and creative potential in sciences. From 2007-2012, the Ayb Educational Foundation upgraded 8 laboratories at 5 schools in 4 regions of Armenia. AybLabs regularly host and organize scie