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Dade College (Freedom Tower, Miami) and generate a hardbound catalog. We held symposia and panel talks with artists and scientists to discuss ideas and talk about our common, and maybe not so common, ground. This, for me, was the most illuminating aspect. I found that my preconceived ideas of how scientists might be thinking about art was not completely wrong, but also far from correct. And, I think, the artists illuminated some misconceptions as well. I very much enjoyed these conversations and think it is critical to have a dialogue like this between artists and scientists: open and unfettered, where ideas, opinions, and thoughts can be shared. There was talk of forming a periodically meeting group of artists and scientists and I sincerely hope this happens. I also gave artist talks and did an Art and Science workshop and was simply amazed at the amount of interest in the show from the public and the student body at the participating institutions. The whole experience reaffirmed my belief that in some thriving future human society the boundary between art and science will be indistinguishable. What we have now is just the beginning. Q: What do you hope your viewer walks away with from looking at your work? A: When I make my work, I feel much like that curiosity driven kid in the backyard glued to the telescope, burning with the desire to understand and to perhaps reveal something new. I think that is a valuable perspective, one that encompasses the “big picture,” a perspective sorely missing in our fast and faster world. I stand in reverence and awe of the natural world and judge my work only in it’s comparison to what we see in the universe around us. I am happy if a small fragment of this comes through in my work; that the viewer may be compelled to stop, just for a moment, from our hectic world, to wonder and engage in questioning — for the questioning mind is an optimal place to be. Untitled 3 (2011). 14 3/4” x 22”. Acrylic polymer emulsion on paper mounted on panel. Courtesy McKenzie Fine Art. Visit his website at SciArt in America August 2013 19