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they are not some major scientific discovery, it has proved to me that the strategy is working. The ultimate goal is to make visually compelling paintings that are grounded in a well thought out scientifically inspired methodology. They can be seen as just paintings, but if the viewer wants to go deeper, the ideas and concepts are there as well. Q: What do you feel are the particular challenges a science-based artist encounters, based on your own experience? A: I think the main challenge is to strike a good balance between art and science. I am a highly visual person, interested in work that endures, and if something does not strike me visually, then I am not likely to investigate further, no matter how interesting the science behind it might be. It is tricky to balance the theory and conceptual underpinnings to an absorbing visual experience. Science, and especially technology, can be so powerfully seductive as to take over the work. If that technology becomes mundane in the future, the artwork may fade as well. We live in a world with so much visual stimulation that it is a real challenge to create a meaningful visual experience that stands out. Personally, I think this is very important. True art feeds us in a way that is difficult to qualify scientifically because it is of the realm of the subjective. I think the scientific method is perhaps humanity’s greatest achievement and yet its objective nature has limited its success in explaining the subjective experience of consciousness. This dichotomy is the ultimate challenge for the art/science union and as such, I think, the most exciting. Q: In 2012 you co-curated a science-based art show, can you talk a little bit about that experience? A: Emergence and Structure was a fantastic experience. It started with the idea of being a small show at Lafayette College, but there was enough interest to have it travel to the University of Florida (in Gainesville), Miami- Untitled 19 (2012). 21 2/3” x 29 7/8”. Acrylic polymer emulsion on paper mounted on panel. Courtesy McKenzie Fine Art. 18 SciArt in America August 2013