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STRAIGHT TALK with Daniel Hill Daniel Hill lives and works in Long Island City, New York. Hill’s paintings embody the idea of emergence, created from rules he set inspired by the scientific method. Untitled 37 (2012). Diptych, 44” x 60”. Acrylic polymer emulsion on paper mounted on panel. Courtesy McKenzie Fine Art. incomprehensible vastness, our small, brief lives, our problems and preoccupations here on Earth, in large part, become so miniscule and A: I recall as a kid, staying up until the early irrelevant as to be somewhat comical. Within hours of the morning in the backyard with a this context, my curiosity grew and burning telescope scanning the skies. I think something questions arose. What really matters? How can wonderful happens to the way one thinks we fully understand the universe and our place and sees our world after intense, prolonged within it? What should the priorities be for periods of studying the night sky. I loved humanity? thinking of how my telescope was a functioning My father had degrees in physics and time machine revealing the truth of a vast electrical engineering, so lots of interesting world of which we were a part of, but rarely books were around, and my life-long love noticed, thought about, or ever saw. In the affair with science books began. I was drawn effort of trying to comprehend the virtually Q: How did you come to being a science, specifically physics, inspired artist? SciArt in America August 2013 15