School & Family Magazine Newstand Frisco ISD November 2017 - Page 29

videos, eBooks, music, graphics, games and other tools to demonstrate their un- derstanding of a particular subject. Students use online discussion threads and forums to brainstorm and post their ideas during classroom discus- sions. They hone problem solving and critical thinking skills through interactive and hands-on activities that integrate technology. Staff also work to teach students about responsible online behavior, such as legal use of content, establishing a presence online, online safety, cyberbul- lying prevention and more. “Developing these skills in our stu- dents will help them be successful in col- lege and ultimately their career of choice,” McDonald said. How does Frisco ISD keep up with changes in technology, promote effec- tive use of devices in the classroom and help teachers identify tools to engage students? The District utilizes digital learning coaches, who are certified educators who work with teachers on every campus to integrate technology and promote what are known as the 5 C’s – collaboration, communication, creativity, critical think- ing and digital citizenship. “We are making a huge push to en- sure our students are future ready,” Fouche said. “The 5 C’s are lifelong tools. While learning to collaborate with other students, kids see what each other are doing. They try harder because it is not just another assignment they turn into the teacher.” n FOLLOW US See what’s happening in the classroom by connecting with FISD on Twitter. @friscoisd @FriscoISDTech #FISDLearns And, be sure to follow the campus Twitter account if your school has one! FOCUS | 29