Schibsted Editorial Report 2014 - Page 110

THE 2007 Barcelona Manifesto The Schibsted Editors Forum is a watchdog, guarding the ideal principles of publishing within the Schibsted Media Group. The Forum is based on the principles of The Tinius Trust, securing the editorial independency and quality in Schibsted publications. The Forum consists of editors responsible for Schibsted print and digital products, who share experiences and best practice and case studies in the world of publishing. The Forum also nominate an editor to take part in the discussions within the Schibsted Board as an observer. Since 2013, Torry Pedersen, the publisher of Verdens Gang, has been appointed as the observer to the board for a period of two years. Schibsted Editors Forum was established in 2007 in Barcelona, where editors representing all media houses wrote The Barcelona Manifesto of Schibsted: The Goal for Schibsted Editors’ Forum is to: • Protect and strengthen the standards of quality journalism within Schibsted • Secure and develop editorial influence on decision making within the company • Defend journalistic and democratic values from internal and external pressures • Promote product development by sharing of experiences and best practice within and outside the group • Foster a culture of journalistic creativity aiming at constant innovation, product leadership and sound financial returns • Aim for the best possible journalism by understanding the audience and their needs. A Schibsted Editor: • Should be appointed by the board • Has a free and independent role • Has the personal and total responsibility for the content within the whole publication including advertising. Our Values • The Schibsted Group builds on humanistic and democratic values • As editors we shall fully respect human rights and equality • We respect that creative ability within our editorial staff is strengthened through integrity, a good working environment and diversity • We follow Schibsted’s guidelines to good editorial leadership. Our Activities • We will take a leading role in understanding changes in media usage • We will apply our knowledge in developing traditional and new media • We will work constantly for improvement, developing talent, entrepreneurship and leadership in our creative organisations • We will work for a solid financial business model in order to secure quality journalism in the future • We will act as a “watch dog”, guarding issues regarding press, ethics, journalistic principles and standards throughout the Schibsted Group • We will protect editors from improper internal and external pressure and conflicts that violate our journalistic values. 110 Bernt Olufsen, President Schibstedt Editors Forum