Scale Aviator International Magazine Issue 3 - Page 92

Fliteskin Fiberglass sheeting By Sam Wright How to apply Fliteskin to your wings and other surfaces I was introduced to the Fliteskin sheeting by Vics RC. Vic Cataslan then introduced me to Jose Gutierrez who sells the product on his website. This product is basically a flexable resin sheet that is manufactured under high pressure and is sold in sheets and rolls. The key here is flexable unlikje G10 resin sheets, which are pretty stiff. José sent me a role of.010 inch/.2 5 mm Fliteskin. I called José to get familiar with how to install the material and he has a great website with several photographs of the installations. José also sent 1 me two sample wings one with the material over a foam core horizontal stab and one over an open Photo #1 is a sample of the material applied to bay wing structure. an open bay wing structure and a foam core tail After studying the samples I looked around my surface (inset photo) I will show you what I used shop for a suitable project to utilize this material. to apply the sheeting and some of the techniques I had a small 65 inch wingspan T6 which was an I use in the following columns. ARF that had been damaged and I felt it was a The Fliteskin material is a fiberglass sheet good trial candidate for peeling and making it a with a built in smooth finish. better looking airplane. 92