Scale Aviator International Magazine Issue 3 - Page 89

u can use for your scale projects and hopefully you saw them first here! highlighted blue links to go directly to the manufacters website and be sure now you saw it in Scale Aviator Internaional Magazine...... Walt Dimick of IRF Machine Works, Inc., has developed a unique rotary drive system that makes it possible to hide exposed control surfaces linkages for all sizes of scale aircraft. The product has ben around for a while, however, Walt has develop an upgrade with the “G2” System. The Photo on the left shows the aileron installation using the rotary drive on the Hangar 9 ARF scale conversion in this issue by Tim Cardin. They work beautifully and no linkages hanging underneath to spoil the scale effect! The photo below shows the various components that comprise the rotary drive system. Contact Walt at the website below: 89