Scale Aviator International Magazine Issue 3 - Page 86

NEW PRODUCTS Products you Click on the h to let them kn New P-51 A & B Models from VIC’s RC Based on the popular Jerry Bates Plans. I am holding the P-51B Fuselage to give you an idea of the size for a wingspan of 89” Plans, cowls and canopies are available from Jerry Bates Plans at The fuselage’s are beautifully laid up with epoxy glass by Vic Catalasan of Vic’s RC. Vic’s website is The Photo’s below show on the left the P-51B version and on the right, the P-51A. The A model can be built as the A-36 Apache. Wood short kits for the wings,tail feathers, and bulkheads are available from Bob Holman Plans. Bob’s website is The P-51 A or the A-36 Apache is not often modelled, but there is plenty of documentation available and three in existence in the US with two flying and one in a museum. 86