Scale Aviator International Magazine Issue 3 - Page 74

Figure 3. Posing once again before running up the radial engine for test. (The original “rotoray” engine was replaced with anequivelant radial engine for safety and compliance considerations. The sad truth is…there is NO full-sized SopwithCamel. Those photos are actually me posing in front of my 1/6th scale model! Finally, we get to the point of this article. Basically, what I did was take photos of myself standing in front of my ‘imaginary’ full-sized plane. Then, using a photo-manipulation program on my PC, I composited my scale-model into those photographs to make the final results look like I was actually standing there posing in front of a real full-sized aircraft. Now, what I hope to do within this article is give y’all a step-by-step description of how this was done, so that YOU, too, can do the same with your own fantastic scale models. One of the things that has always bugged me is why scale modelers would spend hundreds, even thousands, of hours building a beautifully detailed, scale-accurate aircraft, and to try and make it look exactly like the full-sized aircraft it is replicating, and then, after all that time and hard-work, take a crappy photo of it sitting in the grass where it obviously looks like a model?! Why waste all that effort without finishing the project with a convincing photo placing your hard-earned efforts in a setting that will show it off to it’s best? Almost anyone who has the patience, discipline, attention-to-detail, and hand/eye coordination to build a beautiful scale-model aircraft can do what I have done with these photos. All you need is four basic elements: 1) The first, obviously enough, is a good scalemodel. Now, I know that sounds like a no-brainer of a statement, but we live in a world where everything needs to be over-stated to avoid potential legal complications. Jeez! 2) Next you will need a decent digital camera, and, No, the crappy camera in your smart-phone will not do here! The more pixels you have to work with will make the final results just that much better and convincing. A camera with at least 3-megapixels or better is good here. If you do not 74