Scale Aviator International Magazine Issue 3 - Page 73

Figure 2. Me again with the Camel infront of the main fabrication hangar...... These photos were taken on a bright, sunny day in actually told you that I lied! See?...what politician January of this year. would ever do that?! I am trying my best to look like a seasoned pilot here, but to be honest, aside from flying my RC planes, and a bunch of simulators on my PC, the closest I have been to being a real pilot is actually taking over the controls on those introductory flights in light sport aircraft. Hey! still counts! But I digress. While you are checking out these photos, I have a small confession to make to you all. OK, to be more precise, I have several small to rather large confessions to make about that first article. I kinda lied in that article on several key points. OK, maybe I lied about a lot of the key points. To be even more accurate, that article was so loaded with lies, that it would be quite easy for any reader to believe I was actually one of the candidates running for the presidency! However, I can prove that I indeed do not have any sort of political aspirations, by the simple fact that I Now that we have all that cleared up a bit, you are probably wondering just what I did lie about in that first article. Well, in that article I told the tale of a retired Lockheed-exec who was building a fullscale reproduction Sopwith-Camel WWI biplane. That was a lie. To be fair, I actually do know a retired Lockheed exec who restores and flies Golden-Age biplanes. However, the individual in my tale is no more than a figment of my fevered imagination. In fact, the entire b