Scale Aviator International Magazine Issue 3 - Page 72

When Art Mimic’s Life Part II The real story behind the Sopwith Camel & the 6P’s Principal........ By Bill Arbanis The Sopwith Camel was featured in Scale Aviator Issue #2. I thought you would enjoy what is really going on and perhaps use the techniques’ Bill used to fool you...... Bill now tells me there is a Part III....? Editor This is the second article in a mini-series. In the first article titled, “When Art Mimics Life”, in the last issue of SCALE AVIATOR International, I told you gentle-readers about my opportunity to help build a full-sized reproduction of a WWI Sopwith-Camel biplane, which then inspired me to build a highlydetailed scale model of that same aircraft. In that article I had 3 photos of me posing with that aircraft in various locations at the small airport where it was built. In case you missed that article, or have a memory like mine, allow me to refresh it by reposting those same photos here. Figure 1. Me with the Sopwith Camel outside the machining hangar..... 72