Scale Aviator International Magazine Issue 3 - Page 64

MASTER CLASS in PILOT PAINTING BOOTS Well everyone knows that black boots are painted flat black. Uh, yes and no. I stumbled upon a hyper-realistic way to paint black boots, or any black leather. First paint the boot flat black (of course) and then wash mostly Windex with a little MMA Burnt Umber mixed in, let dry and see what you think. This gives a boot a nice “lived in” look without going overboard. It just looks like black leather. Since these are Best Pilots, you can also go a little “psycho-scale” and paint the detailed soles of the boots! But why? It probably won�t ever be seen. Well, sometimes it just makes you feel good to know you care that much about the hobby... or maybe I need to see a therapist, but I�ll go with the former! Paint the sole, not the heel (the heel was rubber), solid MMA Leather. You can dry brush it on as well, just go heavy to give it a good leather color and not fill in the stitching. And since these guys were running to their planes through rain or shine, you can dry brush your choice of a dirt color, I believe in England it is kind of chalky, over the leather sole and heel of the boot. Gives a nicely worn look to the sole of the boot. STOCKINGS The white “cuffs” over the boots, were (I believe) a kind of stocking, almost like long underwear leggings that the pilot could roll up to keep his legs warm in an obviously cold cockpit. Its an art thing, but I liked the white visual break these gave between the dark boot and dark pants. To paint these give them a coat of MMA Sand, Wash with Best Pilots Wash and touch of Burnt Umber. Highlight by dry brushing with Flat white. GLOVES These are real he-man gloves that the Brits called gauntlets! The gauntlets are probably my favorite part of this pilot figure. We are going to go for the same technique as the leather helmet just a different color. Base coat MMA Flat Black, then Dry brush with MMA Burnt Sienna. Remember to just touch the tips of the bristles in the paint and then brush them on a T-shirt until the pigment is just about gone (Tshirt, not underwear!)I usually put it on a bit heavier in this instance, and the results are 64