Scale Aviator International Magazine Issue 3 - Page 62

MASTER CLASS in PILOT PAINTING HEADPHONES The headphones are left black. For extra detail, dry brush them lightly with a touch of grey, just the upper area and seams. There are two screws on the headphones, to give them a bit of a metallic look, I touched them with a metallic silver colored pencil. Hey! No brush to clean! CLEAR COAT Now is the time to put a protective coat of MMA FLat Clear on the helmet. If it mists onto the pilots face that is cool, no problem because that helps protect the painted on eyes and eyebrows. Oh, be sure to stir the Flat Clear really good before using it. All the stuff that makes it “flat” usually settles to the bottom so stir it up good. Metaillic areas of the helmets, buttons, snaps, and buckles usually have to painted with uh, metallic paint. Before painting metallic, make sure they are first painted flat black. This works as a kind of “pre-wash” and defines details. As much as I like the Acrylic paint, Acrylic Metallics just don�t cover or look as realistic as the Enamel Metallic paints :( So break out a detail brush that is just for enamels and paint those areas Testors Enamel Steel and/ or Testors Enamel Gold. It is best to use this paint sparingly and almost dry brush it on the area to be painted. Beware of getting this paint on your fingers! If you aren�t careful, your pilot could be covered in accidental “sequins” which would probably be distracting in combat! Lenses All Best Pilot figures come with a printed and laminated goggle lens. Just cut out and glue the paper lens in place. Epoxy probably works best, or even permanent two sided tape if you are “drippy” with your epoxy. The shine of the laminated paper does a convincing rendition of glass lenses. Before I thought of that trick, I used to paint each one and cover it in several coats of Future floor polish, being very careful not to have any runs! Wish I would of thought of this trick earlier! 62