Scale Aviator International Magazine Issue 3 - Page 46

fA nice view of the retractable tail wheel again with the gear doors attached. Look closely and you will see the rods that are connected to the gear doors and the movable part of the tail gear. After a few minor adjustments, the opening and closing of the doors worked well. I wanted to make sure that The gear operated smoothly without any chance of hanging or rubbing the fuselage. Everything worked as planned after a lot of adjustments. Again, no instruction manual on this segment! fHere is where a photo is worth a lot of words. The doors close easily and flush. Probably in the air no one would even notice the doors, but being a scale person that I am, I had to do it correctly to avoid those that look for those things. Fitting the doors was easy enough after I made some templates to match the opening in the tail. Then I fabricated the doors. I am happy with the results and you can see at this stage the silver undercoat is applied to the entire aircraft. fLook closely and you can see the silver finish that will be under the Olive Drab final coat. The silver makes it easier to apply weathering or scratched and worn surfaces to match the full size aircraft. Any removal of the final olive drab finish will reveal the aluminium look un derneath. Notice the rearTurbo charger exhaust Just ahead of the fuselage air intake vent. See scale hinging and the trim tabs in the correct locations. 37 46