Scale Aviator International Magazine Issue 3 - Page 45

as the crowd and my fellow scale buddies. I am not much of a writer, and probably like most of you, would rather be building. I certainly love the challenge of a scratch built project. I did learn on this project to take a lot of photographs, and maybe I can kick out another article once they are airborne. With all that fresh in your minds, I am trusting the old saying, “that a picture is worth a thousand words”,and hopefully, this will all make sense to you once you get through the article and the remaining photos. One of the interesting things I find in approaching a project is researching the chosen model. Once you start on that path, you will discover the history of the aircraft you have selected. Much like the story of the Deacon. SPECIFICATIONS: Wingspan 122.25 inches (1/4 Scale) Length 106 inches Weight 55 Pounds Engine Moki 215cc five-cylinder Propeller 32X14 Bambula Retractable Gear Siera Precision Paint Home Depot Latex. Pilot Premier Pilots All markings masked off and sprayed by hand. No friskets or templates. I made the exhaust from stainless bendable tube with two pipes from the collector ring exiting from the scale exhaust positions on the P47. The fiberglass cowl was made by a friend of mine in Seattle. Thanks for listening....John Once I tracked all this information down, there was no doubt that I would build this model in a quarter scale size. Since a kit did not exist, I knew what was ahead of me. With all my documentation, drawings and historical information, I was up for the challenge. Of course that did require the help and patience of a few friends along the way. Never the less, the long process began and as you can see the results were rewarding and wherever I go,at least for now, The Deacon is the only quarter scale jug at the events. 45