Scale Aviator International Magazine Issue 3 - Page 44

one model, but usually have at least two on the go. My scale bucket list is probably like most and many we will never build, but look at the plans and dream about them. Fortunately I have the time to build what is on my list. My modeling buddies think I am nuts, but I love to build and working at Arizona Models, nothing is impossible with laser cutters, CNC wood cutters, CAD CAM, water jets. I am in heaven and almost afraid to pick up my paycheck. Bill then converted them through some magic into program for the big laser cutter. Bill, after some set up and wood selection, provided me a really nice set of precision parts on the laser for this big bird. Now all I needed were the long wood parts, fiberglass, some composite materials and lots of CA and resin for the fiberglass. I suppose you could say I was effectively just putting a big kit together. The P47-1-RE took me about a year (or, maybe, a bit more than that) to build. There was of course This is the sixth Jug I have built and, by far, is the the hassle of figuring things out since no instrucbest flier of the lot (probably because it is the big- tions exist. I had a friend make the plug and glass gest). It is incredibly stable in the air even in windy me a cowl for this project. I then made a lot of conditions. Penetration is very real and it flies at other small parts. That took some time as well. scale speeds, and capable of all the maneuvers that this bird did in real life. The Moki cranks out When I flew the big jug for the first time, it was all plenty of power for this big bird, but the sound re- worth the late evenings and effort. ally makes the package complete. The Deacon has made flying appearances at the The plans are from Nick Ziroli’s popular P-47. I had them blown up to an exact quarter scale sizeand scanned by my modeling buddy Bill Powers at Arizona Models. Warbirds over the Rockies in Fort Collins, Colorado, and the One Eighth Air Force Scale Fly-In in Mesa, Arizona. I have flown many events now and the big P-47 continues to impress me as well 44