Scale Aviator International Magazine Issue 3 - Page 43

hThis is a test fit of the wing. Note there are four (4) wing hold down bolts. The wing mounting will be covered with the removable belly pan. hThis is the belly pan and mounts with dowel pins forward and one bolt in the rear to secure it and cover the wing bolts. hThe access door is where a panel is on the full size P-47. Notice the hinge is off center and requires a push on the small end to open. A magnet holds it closed. hThe left wing covered and glassed, almost ready for primer. note the flaps and aileron are installed as a test fit at this point. hThe Moki 215 5 cylinder mounted and the mounting hThe cowl mounted, and everything fits. There is plenty blocks for the wood plate to keep airflow over the cylinders. of clearance for the cylinder heads. The fiberglass cowl 43 was fabricated by a friend of mine.