Scale Aviator International Magazine Issue 3 - Page 42

hA big milestone, the fuselage all framed and covered, ready for fiberglass cloth layup. The tools on the wall are a good reference of the size of this P47. hNow for the fun stuff; The scale articulating scale Fowler flap gear. This was my mock up hHere is the Fowler flap mechanism, now made from aluminum and ready to be attached to the wing. hThe Moki 215 CC radial mounted to the new firewall engine mount. Once the cowl is fitted, I will fabricate the scale exhaust pipes to exit the scale position. hThis is the mockup extended as the real Fowler flap works. Now to replicate this for the 1/4 scale flaps on the P47. hAnother view of the Three Fowler flap mechanisms attached to the flap. This took 42 some light engineering but works well.