Scale Aviator International Magazine Issue 3 - Page 4

Editor’s Comment To make the process of sending me photos you can now upload them to our FTP website (File Transfer Protocol). This enables large photos file sizes to be uploaded all at once rather than the painful process of sending a few at a time through limits of various email servers. I can email you the instructions for the FTP website. Articles: I am always looking for interesting scale building articles of any size, and I will do whatever is necessary to make the process as painless as possible for you. Contact me by email and let me show you how easy it is. I also want to remind you about the Scale Builder’s section designed to exclusively introduce you and your new project. All that is needed is a small bit about the plane, the specifications and a photo whether it be plans and building materials or partial Welcome again to the third edition. The issue construction with you in the photo or just the plane you thought would never come. There are many is all acceptable. reasons for the tardiness, and not being one to dwell on drama, rest assured this will not occur This issue is all about jugs....a caption I didn’t dare again. put on the front cover, but there are three great stories all on different P-47’s. Plus for the first time I promised you six issues for your subscription and a video clip of the Hangar 9 ARF that underwent I plan to uphold my part of the bargain. For those the scale knife. concerned about their subscription running out, I am moving all the expiration dates out until all six Thank you once again for your wonderful support issues are delivered. emails, comments, and recommendations for Scale Aviator International. I accept it all even Gathering information on some of the great scale criticism. projects has proven to be more time-consuming than what I had first estimated. There is no shortage The Top Gun Invitational is just around the corner, of scale builders around the world; however, when in Lakeland, Florida and this is the 25th Anniversary you ask a scale builder about his aircraft he can of this great scale event. I will be there and know explain