Scale Aviator International Magazine Issue 3 - Page 38

The Deacon Scratch Built by John Deacon P-47D-1-RE 1/4 Scale Razorback The History: The model is of a P-47D-1-RE. This means it was manufactured at the Republic plant in Farmingdale, NY. It was one of a batch of 105 built in early 1943. I have a copy of the original shipping sheet which states that P-47D-1-RE serial no 42-7917 left the factory on 3-2043 and shipped by land to the distribution center in Newark, NJ. From there, it was sent across the Atlantic, arriving in England on 4-23-43. It was issued to the 334FS, 4FG based at Debden, Suffolk and became the personal mount of its regular pilot, Howard D Hively. He scored his first victory in this machine on 08-16-43 (Me109) as a First Lieutenant going on to a total of twelve victories, the last being scored on 12-05-44. He ended the war as a Major. He died in 1992. 38 Howard got the nickname “Deacon” for his habit of reporting to his buddies on a mission in religious terms, i.e. “It came to pass I was at 25,000 feet whenst a FW190 did appear below me. Yea, verily, I didst dive upon it ...etc. etc. This artwork on the cowling was done by a crew chief on the squadron named Don Allen. His talent for artworks is obvious, thus he was very popular in the squadron. His trademark was to outline the squadron codes on the airplanes in red, and there are numerous pictures of 4FG aircraft out there showing this. Of course, with this artwork on the cowling, I just HAD to build it! I built a 1/6 scale version of “the Deacon” back in England about twenty years ago which flew beautifully, but, unfortunately, was lost in a mid-air. This bigger version flies even better! Back in the UK I was a printed circuit board designer for an electronics company for around forty years before retiring in 1997. I was a member, inspector and examiner for the - Continued