Scale Aviator International Magazine Issue 3 - Page 35

aviation museum, second, there is a Michigan connection with the Schilling family, and third, Schilling was commander of the reconstituted 56th FG at Selfridge, Michigan near Detroit for a few years after the war. Although this project was a lot of work and required a great deal of help and support to pull this audacious journey off successfully, I am very glad we did it. A lot of my interest in being involved with models and RC airplanes in the first place is to honor all these great veterans of that war. More scale eye candy on Dave’s P-47. The cockpit is well done and note the spring-loaded pilot grab handles that retract just like on the full sized jug. My own late father and still-living 90 year old father– in-law were both combat B-17 and B-24 pilots flying out of England during the war. I have also met other great men from that era including people like Russ Kyler (P-47s, 56th FG) and Bill Getz (491st BG and Second Air Division Scouting Forces in P-51Ds) who flew fighters and bombers during the war, too. My passion for scale aviation and appreciation for the brave pilots and aircrews who served in combat overseas has been a great way to meet wonderful folks from all over the world who share the same passion for modeling and flying scale aircraft of yesteryear. Dave Gianakos A closing photograph of the scale P-47 on the actual runway at Boxted Air Field. The overcast common in the UK creates a vintage look and one can almost imagine the full sized Hairless Joe setting there with Dave Schilling in the cockpit. Even the intercooler doors are correct on this fine scale model. 35