Scale Aviator International Magazine Issue 3 - Page 34

Col. Dave Schilling’s Hairless Joe slides into a landing at Boxted after taking severe flak hits, catching the wing and wheel well on fire. He landed uninjured and the aircraft was repaired and flew again. On December 23, 1944 he shot down five German fighters on a mission over Germany, his final kills of the war totalling 22 ½, as well as a number of ground kills. The Photo below is of the actual Hairless Joe at the Boxted airbase. On a soggy August afternoon, I am standing next to the memorial at Boxted Air Field, which is located on the approach end of the main duty runway 04-22. The memorial honors three units that occupied this field during the war: the 386th Bomb Group (B-26s), the 354th Fighter Group (P-51s) and eventually it became home to the 56th Fighter Group (P47s) from April 1944 until the end of the war in May 1945.” the Warbirds Over The Rockies show and other events, too. One last thrill for us was that they took my wife and me up in separate Piper Cub style planes for a close formation flight over Boxted and some other WWII airfields nearby. That was a lot of fun, and a great way memorable. One thrill for me was the famous WWII author Roger Freeman coming out and signing his new to end this trip. After packing the airplane and engine off for shipment book on the Wolfpack of the 56th FG. Unfortunately, back to the USA, we left and had an uneventful flight Roger was ailing from cancer and passed away later back home with Hairless Joe in the belly of our on, but I really enjoyed talking with him about his th airliner. books and memories about the 8 USAAF in WWII. Roger had been a schoolboy living close by during the After we returned to the USA, Bob Frey and I war, and became one of the world’s greatest authorities competed in the Scale Masters contest in Kansas City on the 8th AF in England during that time. Incidentally, and some other shows before I decided to retire it if you look behind Roger and me in the picture, you’ll and send it to a museum for permanent display. It can now be seen at Kalamazoo Air Zoo in Kalamazoo, see the early work of Phil Clark’s magnificent B-26 Michigan. that he later completed and sold to Bryan O’Meara of I chose that museum beca use first, it is a great Denver. Brian has flown that airplane many times at 34