Scale Aviator International Magazine Issue 3 - Page 30

This is the flightline with all the 1/6 scale aircraft we flew during the weekend. After the war, this field was converted to an apple orchard. Bomb Group, a B-26 unit, was then followed by the 354th Fighter Group flying P-51s prior to the 56th coming in with their P-47s for the remainder of the war. It had reverted to an apple orchard after the war for almost 60 years. But now, in preparation for this 60th anniversary commemoration of WWII, some of the field was revamped to accommodate a real P-47 to land there as well as several other planes, including two P-51s. I started making inquiries with the directors of the airshow as to the possibility of bringing my Hairless Joe airplane over there to participate in the festivities. They were very helpful and receptive to my idea, and we coordinated how best to bring this about. There was a 1/6 scale RC group there that had an impressive number of excellent flying warbirds and pilots, and they really helped me out. Fortunately, I work for a major airline, and at least the shipping was virtually free. There were several complicating issues, one being that since I had flown the plane before and had run gas through the engine, it was considered to be a dangerous good by the airlines. So, I had to send the engine separately to a friend in England, and then put it back on when I got there. I had to reverse the process to bring it home. In addition, I had to build a light, but strong crate that had a maximum allowable shipping weight total including the plane of 100 pounds, or less. This coffinsized box ended up weighing 98 pounds, just under the 30 Myself and the B24 Liberator “Hookum, Cow” Built by John Deacon when he