Scale Aviator International Magazine Issue 3 - Page 11

1 2 Photo 1. The canopy in place, carbon fibre/epoxy mix around the canopy base once cured forms a canopy frame and bonds the cradle to the canopy. The wax paper keeps the expoxy from sticking to the canopy and removes easily after it cures. .Photo 2. Carbon/Epoxy is now cured, and the excess is trimmed off the outside. The remainder of the canopy frame was shaped using glazing putty. The cured carbon-epoxy added the strength to the canopy I was looking for and bonded the cradle mount to the canopy. Photo 3. The hatch is slotted for the canopy centreline guide, a slot on either side are for the 3 canopy to attach to the slider mechanism inside the hatch. Those slots are only visible when the canopy is open. Photo 4. One of several test fits of the sliding canopy, the frame almost complete and all is looking good. The windscreen was not attached until after painting the final colors. Photo 5. The right canopy drive, the tabs at the leading edge of the canopy connect to the glide and driven by the piano wire which is part of the drive mechanism in the forward section of the hatch. 4 5 11