Scale Aviator International Magazine Issue 3 - Page 10

In this photo note the scale hinge placement of the elevator and the vertical stab. The vertical stab is actually removable, and is held in place with a music wire hinge that connects both parts of the rudder hinge joint together. A small piece of trim Mono-kote painted to match the rudder conceals and retains the music wire. This view clearly shows the left horizontal stab with the factory hinging in the ARF form. The horizontal stab on the right shows the correct hinging matching the full-size. I enlarged three view drawings and overlaid the panel drawings on the horizontal and vertical stabs to locate the scale hinge points. To drive the elevator a torque rod will be added extending inside the fuselage to the servo with an additional support hinge installed. This totally conceals the p[ushrods on the elevator and rudder. 10