SC-ITC Newsletter Winter 2013-14

MEDIA AND INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY Winter 2013-14 SPELMAN COLLEGE INSTRUCTIONAL TECHNOLOGY NEWS Spelman College Goes Mobile Exactly, What Is Mobile Learning? Mobile learning, sometimes referred to as m-learning, is learning that can occur at any time, any place, and with any device that is connected to the Internet. Through mobile learning, students are not only exposed to the vast amount of information the Internet contains, but also instantaneous collaboration among classmates, teachers, and possibly the global community at large. Click here to view the twelve principles of mobile learning. Tips for Getting Started with Mobile Learning Think about what you are trying to achieve by incorporating mobile devices into your curriculum. Are you trying to encourage collaboration? Are you trying to encourage introverted students to participate in the class discussions? Do you want to conduct an interactive assignment during lecture? Do you think subject specific apps would be useful? Survey your students about what devices they have and how they use them. Ask if they have internet capability to research or upload information, pictures, or video. Ask if they have unlimited texting. With this information, you will have a complete picture of what resources your students can access without having to pay massive extra fees. Encourage students to make suggestions about which apps work for them. This allows everyone to contribute to your mobile learning initiative and the sense of community in m-learning is established. Articles for Review  “7 Things You Should Know About Mobile Apps for Learning,” Educause  “Exploring Students’ Mobile Learning Practices in Higher Education,” Educause  “How Students Use Technology Outside the Classroom,” Ed Tech Magazine Join us in piloting the new Spelman College mobile application, accessible from any mobile device. From this mobile app you can now view important numbers, a map of the campus, Banner self-service, the MIT website, courses, grades, student accounts and the bookstore. For more info, visit We’re interested in your feedback. Email us at: Two Sides to Every Story: Pros and Cons to Incorporating Mobile Learning in the College Classroom PROS!  There are numerous study apps dedicated to fields of study students engage everyday.  Students may not always have their laptops with them, but most always have their smartphones which can be used to research information for discussion in real-time.  These instruments assist with class engagement as students are able to respond to poll questions, tweet responses, or research information while in class. This proves beneficial no matter how introverted a student may be.  The Internet is at students’ disposal. They are able to retrieve large amounts of information at any given time.  Tools such as calendars help to keep students organized. CONS!  Can be mechanisms for distraction that interferes with learning of not only the user but other students as well.  May reduce student’s cognitive ability due to information and utilities (such as calculators and dictionaries) being readily available.  May become an issue of fairness if some students do not own cell phones or own cell phones that are incapable of uses that smart phones possess.  Could be used as devices for dishonorable conduct such as taking a picture of test questions and sending to a friend in a different section. View How a Professor at DePaul University Integrates M-learning! Featured Article: “How does Mobile Learning Work?” explores three aspects of m-learning: device, learner, and social aspects. The concept of mobile learning is not only applicable to college students through matriculation, but will be ever important as they enter the workforce. Call for Innovative Instructors Are you using Mobile Learning, Wearable Technology, or any other Innovative Learning Pedagogy? If so, we want to hear from you! Join our Faculty Innovation in Teaching and Learning Showcase to be featured in our Spring 2014 Newsletter! Show our community “What You are Working With!”