SBTM October 2015 - Page 9

Pat Vice and breast cancer survivors celebrate a local “Shred Day” event. Photo courtesy of Pat Vice graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business and a secondary degree in Teaching, she married Roger and began working at the Boise Cascade Corporation. While working at Boise Cascade, Patricia took the ICRM exam to become a professional Certified Records Manager. In 1990, Patricia and Roger moved to Houston where Pat opened her own consulting business that helped many large and small organizations establish strong Records Management programs. Since records destruction is an important part of the comprehensive records program, Patricia then went on to establish Texas Security Shredding in 2009. Patricia reflected, “Shredding is the end product of good records management. Companies create, manage, store, and then destroy records. I felt it was a logical process and that there was also an opportunity to start a shredding company.” Pat discovered that secure onsite shredding is a very competitive business but customers often prefer locally owned and operated companies that provide quick shredding services in 24 to 48 hours when needed. In addition, Texas Security Shredding provides both commercial and residential shredding services. Texas Security Shredding is a certified WBEA (Women Business Enterprise Alliance) and HUB (Historically Underutilized Businesses) company, which gives Patricia the opportunity to network and build business relationships with other women owners. She conducts training sessions on a variety of subjects including: Mitigating Risk through Effective Records Management Programs, Identity Theft, Using the Right Technology to Manage Information and Data, and Developing Effective Vital Records Program. Pat also strengthens the role of women business owners within the community by focusing on building business relationships with other women owned compa- nies through social media and networking groups in Texas. Furthermore, as a Board member for the Professional Group of Houston, a diverse professional women’s organization, Patricia builds meaningful relationships by providing learning opportunities for women from many different industries. Few people understand that secure shredding and document management go hand in hand. Patricia is also the owner of Patricia Vice, CRM & Associates, Inc., a firm that provides consulting services to both government, public, and privately held organizations internationally. An extremely challenging profession, Ms. Vice states, “Having the opportunity to develop many different corporate and government programs and managing various types of records repositories, both electronic and paper, taught me that every organization has unique compl X[