SBTM October 2015 - Page 8

COVER STORY Patricia Vice – Texas Security Shredding Caring for the Community Keeps her Company in the Pink P By Barbara R. Davis and Colleen O’Brien atricia Vice is such a likeable person. From the moment you meet her and experience her radiant smile, you can’t help but feel her warmth, sincerity, and caring nature. In addition, Patricia is passionate not only about her business, Texas Security Shredding, but about life and helping others. As an entrepreneur, she is appreciative of the community that has supported her and believes in the importance of small businesses creating programs benefiting the people with whom their companies serve. To this end, Pat has developed a business-related program that provides funding for mammograms and cancer treatments. “Many people in our community do not have financial resources or health insurance,” explains Pat. “Our goal is to save lives, one shred at a time.” As a result of the caring business relationship that Patricia has developed with the community, her company stays in the pink. Growing up in Boise, Idaho, Patricia was the second oldest of the four children in her family. Patricia’s father was a supervisor for a power company and her mother was a stay-at-homemom. After graduating high school, Pat attended Boise State University where she first majored in music. Soon realizing that she couldn’t make a living in that field, Patricia changed her major to business which also allowed her to utilize her exceptional detail-oriented skills. During her time in college, Pat met Parks and Recreation major, Roger Vice. Patricia reminisced, “It was fun to be around him because he knew how to teach other people how to have fun. We loved riding our horses in the Sawtooth Wilderness.” After Patricia