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»Continued From Page 35 Financial Astrology for October 2015 »Continued From Page 17 How to Bounce Back and Win Takacs could have let his terrible accident cause him to become permanently discouraged, to take up heavy drinking, to quit on life altogether, and maybe even to end his own life. He could have acted like a loser. But Takacs made the DECISION to dig deep inside and to find a solution. To pick himself up and to learn to shoot all over again. Winners always search for a solution. Losers always search for an escape. Next time you get knocked down, DECIDE you will act like a winner. DECIDE to act like Takacs. Get up quickly, take action, and astound the world! OCTOBER 2015 EDITION HOUSTON ADVERTISERS INDEX Ruben Gonzalez is an award-winning keynote speaker and the author of the critically acclaimed book, “The Courage to Succeed.” His experiences as a three-time Olympian and as the owner of two businesses give him a unique perspective on how to conquer the corporate struggles of today. For his free 10-Part Success eCourse, visit or contact him at 832-689-8282. 22 33 22 23 22 1 Aquarius January 21 to February 19th – Jupiter has been in your financial endowment zone, a jackpot may be coming your way. Mars and Venus will be opposing Neptune in your money zone on the 6th and 16th. Venus will be squaring (obstacle) Saturn in your friendship zone on the 10th. This could cause you to be manipulated into sharing your good fortune with someone that is not to your advantage. It would be best for you to put your money into your savings. Pisces February 20th to March 20th – The Sun will be traveling through your debt zone until the 23rd. Now is the time to seek new ways of financing your daily expenses. Things will be worst when the Sun opposes Uranus in your income zone on the 11th. Prepare and focus on working hard to build your bank account instead of financial obligations. Do not fret these influences will not last into next month. Christi Ruiz is a business, spiritual, and intuitive life coach. She uses her skills to assist with one’s successes in real estate, business, and personal matters. In addition, Christi’s many years of experience worki